The INTRASEG rings have many advantages over other types of refractive surgery:

Reversible. You can remove and allow the cornea to regain its previous form.

Adjustable. Can be moved or re-staged for adjusting the refractive outcome.

Have a center prolateaspherical shape. Flatten the central periphery that unlike excimer laser techniques that cause an oblate centrally by flattening the center than the periphery.

Quick visual recovery. Depends on the patient, may be days or weeks.

Absence of corneal rejection and do not compromise a future transplant if needed

Topographic changes stability along time.

Improved tolerance to contact lenses.

Possible halting the progression of ectasia.

Allows phakiciol implantation combined surgery.

INTRASEG remains at the forefront of corneoplastia. Plastic corneal biomechanical techniques can be divided into methods such as incisional techniques or intracorneal segments.

The INTRASEG intracorneal segments, are currently the best choice for plastic stratum treating corneal diseases such as keratoconus And regularizing the cornea flattens down myopia and astigmatism, providing a substantial improvement in the quality of vision.

The surgery is performed in ten minutes under topical anesthesia. Visual recovery is rapid, and the patient can resume normal activities the next day.



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